FAME Research and Development

Formative Assessment for Michigan Educators (FAME) continually invests in program improvement by studying the program’s effects on teachers and students. The FAME Research and Development (R&D) team, under the leadership of Ed Roeber, also engages in development and evaluation of resources used in the FAME program.  Comprehensive evaluation reports are written each year. The newest R&D effort is a collection of three Case Studies that include video interviews.

Overview of FAME R&D Activities

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What We’re Working On

The FAME Research and Development Team carries out two types of work in support of the FAME program. Some of the key activities of each type are described below.

Research Studies

The FAME R&D team is currently conducting several research studies:
~ A study of FAME Learning Teams;
~ A study of teachers’ use of formative assessment practices in their classrooms; and
~ Surveys and interviews with FAME Coaches. Topics include how administrators can support staff participation in FAME, and how schools that incorporate learning about formative assessment practice with other school improvement activities are able to do so.

Resource Development

The FAME R&D team also creates new resources for FAME Coaches and Learning Team members. Current work includes:
~ Development of a guide on student peer and self-assessment;
~ Development of a guide on descriptive feedback;
~ Summaries of research on how administrators can support participation of teachers in FAME;
~ Development of formative assessment in content areas to demonstrate how disciplinary knowledge and formative assessment practice build on and support one another;
~ A summary of optimal conditions at the district, school, and classroom levels for effective
learning about formative assessment practices; and
~ Case studies on effective FAME learning by teams at the intermediate district/educational service agency level, district level, and school level.

Report Abstracts and Articles

Accentuate the Formative

This article showcases Michigan teachers using rubrics and video to improve their practices.


2017-18 Development and Evaluation Activities

This summary of the 2017-18 FAME Research and Development activities includes information about FAME outcomes and resources created by the team.


2016-17 FAME Development and Evaluation Activities

The FAME Research and Development Team describes findings related to FAME participant needs, ways in which the FAME resources are used, and additional resources to enhance the program.


Case Studies

The FAME Research and Development Team gathers information on FAME approaches with the potential to be replicated in districts across Michigan. Explore these success stories!

CaseStudy_Kingsley_6.19 Thumbnail

The Kingsley Story: A Principal Embraces Instructional Leadership

A new principal addresses achievement gaps by using state and local assessment data to draft a school improvement plan that included Formative Assessment for Michigan Educators (FAME).

  • Principal leadership and long-term commitment
  • Integration of FAME into additional strategies
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CaseStudy_Corunna_6.19 Thumbnail

There’s Always Something Good Happening in Corunna

A district-wide initiative to provide and support professional development for teachers includes encouragement to participate in the FAME professional learning model on formative assessment. (Includes video)

  • Intentional integration of formative assessment
  • “All-in” district-wide approach
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CaseStudy_Muskegon_6.19 Thumbnail

The Muskegon Story: Building Trust, Raising Expectations

Working together, an entire county uses the FAME professional learning model to learn and apply formative assessment practices in the classroom.

  • County-wide implementation
  • Sustained success due to administrator commitment
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CaseStudy_Hesperia_6.19 Thumbnail

The Hesperia Story: The Focus is on the Students

An administrator is committed to overcoming the challenges associated with the principalship by helping teachers maximize their efforts and the needs of an ever-changing and ever-challenging population.

  • Principal Leadership
  • Focus on Students
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Meet our R&D Team

The Research and Development (R&D) team develops and evaluates FAME resources.

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